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Ramadan mehrbaan

A great way to gain reward is by giving to charity

Aftar/Sehri Dastarkhwan

Thousands of people are benefited from our Aftar and Sehri Dastarkhwan in different cities of Pakistan who are labourers, taxi drivers, security guards, patients admitted in different hospitals, the attendants, hospital staff, orphans and other deserving peoples.

Ration Distribution

Ration is provided to extremely deserving families after proper verification in different cities of Pakistan.

Eid Gifts

Eid gifts are provided to deserving labourers and orphans/street kids after verification so that they can also participate in the festivities of Eid.

People Served

2017, 2018 & 2019
40000 +
Families provided Ration Bags sufficient for a month for a family of 5 (Before COVID-19 Pandemic)
1500 +
Families were provided Ration bags under Kindness Corona Relief Program.
4500 +
People served at multiple Dastarkhawans in 2021
5000 +
Ration packs in 2021 distributed among deserved families.
1667 +

Pictures Gallery

AOK Dastarkhwans Locations