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Our Projects.

[list type=icon extra=][list_item icon=”fa-caret-right” type=”icon”]Ramadan Mehrbaan.[/list_item][/list]

The Foundation for “Ramadan Mehrbaan” project was laid when Acts of Kindness was still in its nascent period, it aims in providing free meals of Sehri and Iftari to deserving people who can’t afford to buy food or due to a certain reason cannot get to their homes in time of Sehri/Iftari. Alhamdulillah Team Acts of Kindness through small donations and monthly contributions by its members, successfully implemented first phase of this project in certain targeted areas in Islamabad and Rawalpindi in 2016. Over thousand meals were distributed among people which mainly included labours, taxi drivers, security guards and hospital staff.

Team Aok intends to take this on a larger scale, with number of meals to rise exponentially each year.

[list type=icon extra=][list_item icon=”fa-caret-right” type=”icon”]R-Fusion “Blood Donor’s Hotline”[/list_item][/list]

    1. Every year, hundreds of people in Pakistan succumb to their injuries or else lose their lives due to non-availability of blood at the time. We believed that each blood requirement when spread through proper channel can help us find individuals who are willing to donate blood. Team Aok realized the need of the hour and immediately commenced the project “R-Fusion”.‘R-Fusion’ ensures regular and emergency blood requests are fulfilled in time. All cases are first authenticated by our officers and later the word is spread among donors, potential donor is instructed and given guidelines before they donate blood for the assigned requester. R-Fusion currently has no independent blood bank of its own. In order to deal with unavailability of donors or large number of requests in one times, Team Aok will collaborate in near future with established organizations and blood banks. Pre-Arranged blood in blood banks would ensure emergency cases are dealt with efficiently.

[list type=icon extra=][list_item icon=”fa-caret-right” type=”icon”]“WhoIsEdhi” Campaign”[/list_item][/list]

Project  #WhoIsEdhi, initiated in honor of Sir Abdul Sattar Edhi with mission to provide wheel chairs, stretchers, crutches and beds in government hospitals. Until Now, Acts of Kindness has donated three Wheel Chairs to Holy Family Hospital, Benazir Bhutto Hospital Rawalpindi and a deserving individual in Kohat respectively.

[list type=icon extra=][list_item icon=”fa-caret-right” type=”icon”]Wall of Kindness[/list_item][/list]

Islamabad longest wall of kindness, in collaboration with other volunteer organizations was established on 23rd March,2016. The wall is located on Main Sumbal Road, F-10 Islamabad. Team members frequently visit and place large quantities of clothes and shoes so that those in need can get them free of cost.

[list type=icon extra=][list_item icon=”fa-caret-right” type=”icon”]Spread Love with Bread[/list_item][/list]

Team Acts of Kindness understands the hardship by the end of month of those families with low income, who are unable to fulfill monthly rations. Acts of Kindness after verification, provides ration packs to the deserving families each month. The number of ration packs depends upon the amount of budget available in the respective month.

[list type=icon extra=][list_item icon=”fa-caret-right” type=”icon”]Help A Smile:[/list_item][/list]

A series of events to spread smile on the faces of sad ones. We frequently organize events in old homes, orphanages, and with street, and special childrens. Alhamdulillah so far we have organized many successful events in old homes on the occasions of 14th August and Birthdays of our members in Islamabad and Lahore. Members spent a joyful evening with senior citizens of our society, listened to their stories and spend a memorable time together.

[list type=icon extra=][list_item icon=”fa-caret-right” type=”icon”]I Practice Kindness:[/list_item][/list]

“I Practice Kindness” basically groups together all our random aid in the form of identifying families and individuals with utmost needs and covering up their educational fees, utility bills, medical expenses and marriage arrangements. So far we have helped many deserving individuals to cover their educational, medical and marriage expenses.

[list type=icon extra=][list_item icon=”fa-caret-right” type=”icon”]Career Portal[/list_item][/list]

Acts of Kindness does not limits it’s aid and assistance to underprivileged or poor class, It extends his hand for students as well.IN this regard, dedicated career portal was established. Aok Career Portal serves as a platform so that students can interact with fellow members, seek guidance and be updated with latest happenings in their respective career and professional fields.

 [list type=icon extra=][list_item icon=”fa-caret-right” type=”icon”]Fund Raising Trips[/list_item][/list]

Acts of Kindness believes that every social work can be managed and implemented effectively with team work. Therefore Aok Council plans regular trips which not only serves the purpose of team bonding but also aids Aok in  generating nominal funds for our upcoming projects