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Medkhidmat 38th Free Medical Camp Swabi KPK

Health is wealth and it’s everyone’s desire to live a healthy life. Good health is central to handling stress and living a longer, more active life. Acts of Kindness Pakistan is working hard to reach maximum deserving people and to fulfill their needs. Medical treatment is one of the biggest issues for some people due to weak financial status. The low-income class people of our society are relying on home remedies due to insufficient money to visit a doctor and get proper medication. Sometimes ignoring a small disease due to financial issues leading the person to major diseases that causing death. Keeping in mind the difficult situation of low-income people of the society, the advisory board decided in a meeting to launch a new project which will help the deserving people by arranging Free Medical Camps. The project named MedKhidmat and Team MedKhidmat arranged a series of medical camps in different parts of the country. The latest Medkhidmat Free Medical Camp was held in Swabi, KPK on 26th September 2020. It was the 38th Medical camp under the umbrella of Acts of Kindness Pakistan and this time about 400 patients visited the camp who were provided free medical check-ups and free medicines. The local community was very happy with the arrangements of the free medical camp in their area for the first time.

Acts of Kindness wants to expand the circle and to reach the maximum deserving people in Pakistan. If you want to be a part of this project or want to help us financially or in any other form which helps the deserving people of our society so contact us the give back to our society.